Sunday, November 15, 2009


I actually like this one. I figured to stop fighting the hair and just put it in a ponytail since thats how she looked during most of her island time.


  1. I like her, Pa...Think it would be cool seeing her standing with Hugo, though. Perhaps that's another angle you could go with for your trading cards...LOST "Couples". Might appeal to all those 'shippers' out there! Jack & Kate, Juliet & Sawyer, Sawyer & Kate, Jin & Sun, Rose & Bernard, Chawlie & Claire, Libby & Hurley, Sayid & Nadia (and/or Channon), Locke & Helen. Could be cool.

  2. Rose & Bernard has always been two that I have wanted to do, but theres a bunch of others higher on the list. Also unfortunatly Im probably not going to get around to flashback characters like Helen, theres so many others to get to!